I would like to take this opportunity to talk to you about why you should choose Spot On Remodeling above all other construction companies OKC.

As you probably already know there are a few thousand contractors in the Oklahoma City Metro and surrounding areas. We ask ourselves daily, “how can we stand out amongst a proverbial sea of other construction companies OKC and handymen.” What we have come up with is quite simply quality. Quality in our materials. Quality in our craftsmanship. Quality in our design. Our number one goal to satisfy every customer with our diligence, integrity, and honesty all while maintaining an open line of communication.

At Spot On Remodeling, we are very proud of the reputation we have built amongst the construction companies OKC for the quality of our craftsmanship, high quality materials that we use, our promptness, diligence, attention to detail – I could go on all day. That construction companies OKC reputation is built on our desire to please our customers. Our team is one of the best in the city. Your home is your palace and we treat it as such. We protect your floors, furniture, walls and everything in-between the best that we can consider it becomes a construction site in many cases for several weeks. We know that by the time we have completed your project, although you have grown to love us like family, you are happy that our visit is over and life can return to normal. When we leave, you will have the piece of mind that you have a full One Year Warranty on craftsmanship along with the manufacturer’s warranty.

When you choose Spot On Remodeling to do your construction companies OKC project, we estimate a material allowance and let you pick out materials; you can go to our wholesalers and meet with our account managers who will then help you to pick out products that are suited to your taste, not ours. We use some of the largest wholesalers in the Oklahoma City metro so that you will have the largest selection available without running to 50 different places. Usually our customers can get their whole list filled at just 3 or 4 of our primary wholesalers. Typically our competitors find the cheapest products that they can to maximize profits. At Spot On Remodeling, we believe it’s your house and you should have the privilege of deciding for yourself what materials go into it. We are simply the construction companies OKC installers who want your project to be as beautiful and functional as you imagine it will be when you first start thinking about making the changes. We realize that it can be very disappointing to get your project completed only to realize that the materials that were used are likely not going to last more than a couple of years. Then you end up having to call someone out to replace these items again. Our number one goal is always 100% customer satisfaction. We treat our customers like they are our family.

One thing that most people are concerned with that I have talked with over the years is “how long is this going to take”. Well we hear you! When we accept a job, we put it on our white board showing that it is a job that we need to schedule. We understand that you want to get your project started, but we don’t want to schedule your job and have to rush through someone else’s to get your job started. We won’t do that to them or you. Once we start your job it will be this construction companies OKC number one priority until it is completed. That doesn’t mean that we will be there every day. Sometimes we have to do something else while we wait on tradesmen (Plumber, Electrician, Mechanical, etc…) to get in and get their job done, then we wait on inspectors. Again this is not us ignoring your project it is us getting out of other people’s way so they can get their job done. This requires planning and cooperation of all parties involved. This leads to my point; at Spot On Remodeling we implement a completion penalty. What that means to you is; we are saying if we fail to meet our completion date for reasons other than those beyond our control we will pay you a penalty. Yes, that is what I said; we will pay you a penalty. Penalties vary from job to job depending on the complexity of the scope of work.

Once you choose Spot On Remodeling over all the other construction companies OKC to complete your project, we will begin a process. As I told you before, we use a “material allowance” not a set cost. This is something you as the consumer will spend. We use an amount that is typical of a similar house in a similar neighborhood. That doesn’t mean you have to spend it all, but it also does not mean that it will necessarily be enough for your tastes. As an example, we may allow for flooring at $4.00 a sq. ft. and you may like flooring that is $6.00 a sq. ft. – that’s absolutely fine! We can still get the material you like; we just have to adjust the total. A change order will be issued and agreed upon and you will get an email that day with the change order and a new total.

We like our construction companies OKC customers to be informed, so when the job is complete we usually know within a few dollars what the total amount spent will be and you’re not sitting there every day wondering what we may be charging you. Just the fact that we are in and out all day is stressful enough and we understand that you have put your trust in us. We take that responsibility very seriously! Just know that our team is there to complete the job in a timely and professional manner. We believe all of this to be the very reason that you will decide on us instead of any other construction companies OKC for your project in the future.

Proverbs 10:4