About Us: The Best Home Remodeling Contractors in OKC 

Hello, my name is Norm Irwin. I am the founder and president of Spot On Remodeling, your best choice of construction companies in Oklahoma. I started Spot On Remodeling in 2000 working at it part time for friends and family doing home repairs and remodeling while I worked a full time job in the oil field to pay the bills. I enjoyed doing that for a few years, but have since decided that I would prefer to pursue my passion-owning my own remodeling business. In 2016 I left my job and expanded my business from just friends and family referrals to the general public. We have since expanded our team and expertise; we now have the manpower, knowledge and experience to take on even the most challenging projects in both commercial and residential areas. Since our inception, the quality of our work along with our work ethic and core values have really driven our business to where it stands out above all the other construction companies OKC.

We continuously search, not only for the expansion of our construction companies OKC team, but also for the newest methods of revamping our clients’ homes. From new tools and equipment to the most recent fabrication techniques. We are constantly going to various trainings and certifications to expand our knowledge further in all aspects of our business. We also pride ourselves in finding some of the best tradesmen around who are always up to date on their knowledge of code, to ensure everything that we accomplish on our jobs are meeting the standards set for us by the IBC for your safety and our own.

Some of the reasons we have been so successful are that we are easy for our customers to work with; our attention to detail and the quality of our craftsmanship is unmatched. We take the time to find and hire the right people with the right skills to produce quality craftsmanship that you will see in our work regardless if it is a simple handyman job or an extensive whole house remodel. The reason we are able to do this so successfully is that we are a small enough construction companies OKC that we are able to give our clients the personal attention they deserve, while also being large enough to tackle small to mid-sized commercial projects. We treat all of our projects as if we were working on our mama’s home.

We try to guide our construction companies OKC off our core values and mission statement. This is done in part by our amazing team. We really focus on renovating homes and bringing them back to their former glory. Every house in every neighborhood has its own story to tell. We like to bring them back to life, using the right materials and skills in each project as opposed to picking out just any material and hoping it looks right when it’s complete. A beautiful home gives people a great sense of pride. We want our customers to be the proudest people in their community!

We are very fair and honest. It’s not just about making money with us; it’s about making people’s lives better, making our community better and ultimately our state better. We are a team that really cares about the homeowners and our relationships with them. When you work with us you can expect, a high level of customer service, honesty, integrity, ethics and diligence. Our first goal as a construction companies OKC is complete customer satisfaction. Since day one we have worked for and produced 5 star reviews and we have made it our mission to be the very best at whatever it is that we are working on for every customer.

When we come into the office in the morning, everybody is in good spirits and we push each other to get better every day to be the best we can be. At Spot On Remodeling our best moments are when the customer finally sees the finished result and their eyes light up and they get that smile on their face that says they love the work we have done. There truly is no better feeling than the pride you’re feeling when the customer says “I LOVE IT”! For us that is more valuable than the monetary compensation. It’s the reason we get out of bed in the morning and the reason we work as hard as we do to be your pick out of all the other construction companies OKC.

When you choose us to complete your project, rest assured that you are choosing the construction companies OKC that is right for you. We do not cut corners; when we run into a problem we fix it right. A very intelligent man that I truly admire once told me that if you do great work, listen to your customers and always be honest regardless of the circumstances, you can’t help but be successful. I have tried to live by those rules and they play a big part in our core values at Spot On Remodeling.

When I’m challenged, I am at my best. I seek out adversity and overcome it using any means necessary. When I’m knocked down; I get back up with more confidence and determination than ever before. There is no obstacle so big that it cannot be overcome with wit and endurance. Nor is there a challenge that cannot be accomplished with the right team. No adversity can keep me down so long as I have faith in myself, my family and my team. That is who we are: strong, skilled and a bit stubborn if it means we get the job done right. That is why we are your best choice for construction companies OKC.