Kitchen Remodeling

So you’ve decided to use this construction companies OKC to remodel your kitchen, congratulations! It’s a big undertaking, but the end result is so rewarding it will be worth it, because your kitchen is for so much more than food preparation alone. It is where families gather for holidays and special occasions. It’s where friends gather for game nights and parties. Most importantly, however, it is a place where you spend a lot of your time every day, particularly if you like to cook, so why not make it a kitchen you love being in? At Spot On Remodeling, we love the challenge of updating your old kitchen into a front page magazine dream! We are a five-star construction companies OKC team dedicated to making your ideal kitchen a reality for you with semi-custom or custom all wood cabinetry, quality flooring, beautiful granite and quartz counters, spectacular lighting, and quality appliances- we do it all. Whether you need an update on your existing room or you would like to open up your floor plan some more and rearrange it, from a more modest renovation or a full luxury remodel, we would be excited to help you accomplish your goal! Our team is a trust-worthy group that will help you through this tough process one step at a time, communicating with you throughout the project. As a construction companies OKC we have account managers with most of our wholesale suppliers that will help you pick out the items you would like to have on display in your home for many years to come.

Bathroom Remodeling

Bathrooms are a great place to start if you are thinking about redoing parts of your house, a way to dip your toe in to test the waters. As a construction companies OKC we see that they often take less time, are less inconvenient, and less costly than other, more involved projects. These rooms are also a place that you spend more time in than you probably realize- you use them to get ready in the morning, before you go to bed, and you use them throughout the day. Let us help you create a great space that helps make the start of your day a little bit easier. We have plenty of experience with these types of remodels and love turning a place of necessity into a place of comfort and luxury! There are so many different styles you can choose from when updating a bathroom, you could go with a modern sleek look, a Mediterranean inspired room, a more rustic look, maybe an industrial idea, or you may decide that you’d like to create your own style. Any of these would be great options and this construction companies OKC would be proud to help you obtain the type of bathroom that makes you happy! We will take the time to work with you on figuring out what you want and setting up a plan of action to help us move forward so, whether your bathroom needs a complete upheaval or just a few updates here and there our team at Spot On Remodeling is up to the challenge.

Exterior Remodels

Any construction companies OKC will tell you that the exterior of your home is extremely important. The exterior of your home is the first thing any visitors you have will see when arriving at your home, the first impression of your house, so why not make it a nice one? The first thing that may pop into your mind when you think of the outside of your home is the landscaping and while that is true, the exterior we would like to help you with is the house itself. Think about it, how old is the siding on your home, is it getting a little rough around the edges? Perhaps it’s time to repaint or maybe even redo that old siding and with it, give your house a bit of a facelift. The same goes for any brick or masonry work that you would like to have done to improve the overall look or structural integrity of your home. After speaking with this construction companies OKC you may decide that you would like a more functional outdoor remodel, a new deck or covered porch would be a great way to do just that! It would be a wonderful entertaining space, relaxation area, and can improve the value of your home. If you want a quick update to the exterior of your house you could add new wood, aluminum or vinyl replacement windows or possibly some functional porch rails, some lovely pillars for your porch, or trim work. For any projects you come up with, large or small, our construction companies OKC team would love to help you update the outside of your home.

Custom Additions

Custom additions are a type of remodel that often gets overlooked, but could be a great space and investment in your home. It will count as more square footage for your home and will be an additional room when you decide to sell your house. That being said, as a construction companies OKC we encourage you to get an addition to improve your house for yourself and your family. So, what exactly could you do as an addition? That’s the beauty of it; an addition can be anything you would like! Maybe your kitchen is too small and you have no way to rearrange the space to improve the flow of it, you could add more space to the existing kitchen, or you could add onto a different part of the house and create your own kitchen in the space. Additions could also be a cozy sunroom- this could be a wonderful entertaining space, an office with great lighting or an additional living room with enough sun for your indoor plants. With that being said, you don’t have to create an addition that is a common room, we could also add an additional bedroom for guests or a nursery. You could just as easily decide to add a man (or woman) cave or a craft room. The versatility you have with this option makes it a great choice for homeowners. Whatever you decide to add on to your home let Spot On Remodeling be your choice over all the other construction companies OKC to help you through the entire process to ensure quality work!